Various Artists

Sträck Ut Din Hand

1. Sträck Ut Din Hand / Lasse Berghagen, Anders Wiklöf
2. Östersjötrilogi / Therese Karlsson, Lasse Berghagen, John Martin Bengtson, Lagaylia
3. TV-Apparaten / Lasse Berghagen
4. Den Stora Dagen / John Martin Bengtson, Anders Wiklöf
5. Sträck Ut Din Hand (Live) / Lasse Berghagen

Attack/!RON EPA Remix

Ooa Hela Natten

EPA Remix
Ooa Hela Natten

Attack/Factory/Magnum Bonum

Ooa Hela Natten/Efter Plugget/ Hög Hatt

Remix - Medley
Ooa Hela Natten/Efter Plugget/ Hög Hatt


Ooa Hela Natten

ATTACK erövrade både Sverige och resten av Skandinavien med megahiten – OOA HELA NATTEN – en låt som innehåller så mycket energi att den ständigt är aktuell och älskas av alla. Nya generationer tar den oförbehållsamt till sig och den spelas flitigt på radio och playlists. En Svensk klassiker!

1. Ooa Hela Natten
2.  Vänner 
3.  Två Av Oss 
4.  Sommarsång 
5.  Dinga Linga Lena
6.  The Story of Rock'n' Roll 
7.  Kompaktmannen 
8.  Varning På Stan 
9.  Det Bor En Ond Ande i Mitt Hus 
10.  Måste Åka Hem 


Ooa Hela Natten


Hans On The Bass

Dancing In The Rain

Hans On The Bass new single follows the same tradition of feelgood music that has always been the bands signum. Dancing In The Rain, it's just as good to dance both when the sun is shining or when it's raining.

Eva Eastwood

Rockin´Collection – The Early Years

1. Someone To Love
· 2. Bearhug (with Jesse Al Tuscan)
· 3. Starlight Starbright (with The Peak Brothers)
· 4. Like I'm Dying (with Don Cavalli)
· 5. Go Young Man
· 6. That Mistake
· 7. I Do
· 8. Johnny My Dear
· 9. 602 91

· 10. Our Love Is True
· 11. Love Me Too (with Don Cavalli)
· 12. Hep Hep Hep
· 13. Wendys Wedding (with The Besk Quartet)
· 14. You Do
· 15. Hot Chicks & Cool Cats
· 16. He's Gonna Be My Boy
· 17. Buddy I Got You
· 18. First Kiss (with The Besk Quartet)

Eva Eastwood

En Ny Stil I Stan

1. Vårt liv i repris
2. Hopplöst fall
3. En sådan Romeo
4. Rockabilly Willy
5. Regn bara regn
6. En ny stil i stan
7. Metbäcken 51
8. Allting om Kjell
9. Tack men nej

10. Farfars 50-tal
11. Inget bröllop i vår
12. Betala din räkning Bill
13. Nu reser jag
14. Johnny min vän
15. Min kille liknar inte Elvis
16. Tänk vad han liknar dig
17. Inte jag som styr

Eva Eastwood

Roots Revival

1. He's Gonna Be My Boy
2. You Do
3. Shake This Shack
4. I Got to Know
5. Go Young Man
6. Hep Hep Hep
7. Country Lover on My Stone
8. D-Day Saturday
9. Far from Over You

10. Open Up
11. She Never Knew
12. Little Cupid (Please)
13. Johnny My Dear
14. Shape Up
15. Someday (You'll See)
16. Good-Looking Teacher

Eva Eastwood

The Good Life I Have

1. Some to Love
2. Don't Know What You're Missing
3. Down the Hall
4. Sweetest Daddy
5. Loving You Is All I Wanna Do
6. If It Was up to Me
7. I Do
8. Took My Baby Walking
9. Boombox
10. 8 Months Long
11. You Should Have Asked Me
12. Best Beneath the Sun

Eva Eastwood

Hot Chicks And Cool Cats

1. Diggin' the Street
2. 602 91
3. Wendy's Wedding
4. Dome Like You Dome
5. Mama Ain't Coming Back
6. That Mistake
7. Love My Baby
8. One Feet Away

9. Buddy I Got You
10. Hot Chicks and Cool Cats
11. Bumper to Bumper
12. In Trouble Deep
13. Hoppin' Honey
14. Anywhere the Wind Blows
15. Everybody's Gone & Done It
16. I Might Be Gone

Eva Eastwood

Good Things Can Happen

1. Someone To Love
2. Don't Know What You're Missing
3. Down The Hall
4. Sweetest Daddy
5. Loving You Is All I Wanna Do
6. If It Was Up To Me
7. I Do
8. Took My Baby Walking
9. Boombox
10. 8 Months Long
11. You Should Have Asked Me
12. Best Beneath The Sun

Hans On The Bass

People Are The Same

Hans On The Bass, who established themselves as a real "feel-good" band after three albums, are now releasing a new single, but this time on a more serious note - given the fact that there is a lot of chaos going on in the world right now. The message in "People Are The Same" is that even if we have different cultural backgrounds, and live in different parts of the world, we still share the same hopes, dreams, fears and needs. . . we are all the same in the end.

Brolle, Nanne & The Boppers

The King

Brolle, Nanne & The Boppers. Three of Swedens most popular artists Brolle, Nanne Grönwall and The Boppers will be touring together during the summer with the tour concept “Rock´n´Roll On Tour”. They have also together recorded the song The King, a tribute to Elvis Presley. The song is composed by Brolle and Lisa Donnelly.

Sophia Tako

Make It Through

The uprising star SophiaTako now releases her first Single "Make it Through”.
A crispy pop song with electro vibes.

Hans On The Bass

A Year, A Week And Half a Day

A Year, A Week And Half A Day is a brand new single from Hans On The Bass. It continues the band’s familiar theme of smart pop music with a strong feel-good factor, with this new single Hans On The Bass is taking it’s music to a new level of energy. A Year, A Week And Half A Day is a contemporary up-tempo song, with production references to earlier decades.

Hans On The Bass


Finnish-Swedish band Hans On The Bass stands out for its smart, laid back, positive musical style. Both on record and on stage it’s music that simply makes people feel good. Loveshine features Anna Wiksten's effortlessly beautiful vocals mixed with an easy going backbeat. A listening experience that will take you to sunny landscapes of sweet musical harmonies. Absolutely guaranteed to make you feel good.

Rickfors, Ronander & Hylander

Från Midnatt Till Gryningen

Äntligen har trion Rickfors, Ronander och Hylander gjort en låt tillsammans. Där mixen av dessa herrars tre unika stämmor går samman till ett. Musiken är skriven av Rickfors och tillsammans har de skapat texten. Från Midnatt till Gryningen är en perfekt beskrivning av vad denna trio skapar tillsammans.


Världens Hörn

1. Världens Hörn
2. Jag Är Född i En Liten By

Hans On The Bass

Now Is The Time

Have a little fun
Hardware store
Now is the time
Don't look back
Blueberry land
Where is my kiss?
Mrs Red Rackham
Don't kom close to me
You you you (Riviera -version)
Monaco (Monte Carlo night club -version)

With their third album Now is the time, Hans On The Bass continues its quest for new songs to make us happier. Here are a dozen loving innovations in smart feel-good music, with their dance leading us only a few steps toward more energetic pop. Melodies you’ll remember and rich harmonies make the perfect soundtrack to those happy moments in life. Guaranteed to work by FGAOTN, the Feel Good Association of the Nordics. (or invent your own Klaus)

Hans On The Bass

Helsinki - Stockholm

Lazy Day
When the kids move out
Didn't need to say
Be mine
Look what you have done now
Only 7 days
Leaving you
Least of my troubles

The second Hans On The Bass album, Helsinki – Stockholm, dances down the same happy road as the first, but with a larger orchestra. Several featured vocalists and musicians also add some spice to the mix. The music brings the feel-good vibe to even more musical styles, shifting gear between jazz and pop, bossa and rock, but still keeping its distinctive HOTB sound and feel.

Hans On The Bass

Scandinavian Breakfast

Only time will tell
Tease me
You you you
Crying shoulder
I am here to stay

The first album from the Finnish-Swedish band, Hans On The Bass, brings a fresh retro vibe into some tasty styles of feel-good music. Scandinavian Breakfast toys with your ears, and catchy tunes make your feet itch. This album showed that lots of people like smart music that puts you in a good mood. Hans on the bass will always follow that same road, trying to make our world happier with some fun music.

Hans On The Bass

The Game Is On

Mikael Rickfors, Dan Hylander, Py Bäckman, Conny Bloom, Lagaylia, Mats Ronander, Clas Yngström, Janne Åström


Before the fall tour Woodstock 50 Years, Sweden's legendary rock artists have gathered and recorded their version of Joni Mitchell's classic song "Woodstock" as a tribute to Woodstock's 50th anniversary in 2019. Mikael Rickfors, Dan Hylander, Py Bäckman, Conny Bloom, Clas Yngström, Lagaylia, Janne Åström and Mats Ronander.