The Best Of Johan 'JB' Blohm with The Refreshments.

1  I’m Comin’ Home
2  Down The Road Apiece
3  Baby I Don’t Care
4  55 Ford
5  Old Black Joe (I’m Comin’ Home)
6  Looking For Mr Right
7  The Fat Man
8  Good News Travels Fast
9  Lana Lee
10  Judy
11  Far Away Man
12  Old Hopes Brand New
13  Lifetime Of Guilt
14  Every Night
15  Takin’ A Chance
16  Further Down The Line
17  No More Teardrops
18  My Heart’s In Tennessee
19  One Hour From Now
20  A Big Hunk Of Love

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Considering that Johan grew up in Sweden during the 70’s, he is about as much rock’n’roll as it gets. He has played together with legends like D.J. Fontana, Sleepy La Beef, Ray Sharpe, Al Ferrier and Stan Kessler. He has partied with Jerry Lee Lewis (and lived to tell). He has shown an impressed James Burton his patented boogie licks. And back home in his garage a Ford Thunderbird is parked beside a Pontiac Trans Am. JB has a ”rock ’n’roll heart”. The right stuff, if you like. His style is a contagious blend of all his musical heroes through the years – Gram Parsons, Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams, Amos Milburn, Albert Ammons and so on. It’s country with a rock ’n’roll attitude or the other way around. The total opposite of the contemporary country style that Tom Petty once referred to as ”bad rock with a fiddle”.