Hank C Burnette / Don't mess with my ducktail.

Re-release 2001

Talk about a rocket from the crypt. Here's the legendary Hank C Burnette's legendary first album, containing the legendary #1 single "Spinning Rock Boogie". For the first time on CD, with eight hot bonus tracks. Legendary.

1. Spinning Rock Boogie
2. Your Driving License Please
3. Riders In The Sky
4. Blue Moon
5. Hank´s 97
6. Come On Little Mama
7. Don´t Mess With My Ducktail
8. Fools Like Me
9. Gold In Morning Sun
10. Rocking Daddy
11. Peggy Sue
12. Rock Ola Jive
13. I´m Sorry I´m Not Sorry
14. Hank´s Wildwood Flower
15. Wild Little Willie
16. Eternally
17. It´s The Way You Are
18. Drifting Heart
19. Rock Your Daddy
20. Melvin´s Boogie Woogie