Rockin' Tracks!

1. Rainy Day Woman - Totta Näslund and Nine Below Zero feat. Larry Taylor
2. Three Steps To Heaven - Lasse Tennander and Bobby Cochran Band
3. No Particular Place To Go - Mats Ronander Albert Lee Kim Wilson Geraint Watkins
4. A Guy Like That -The Refreshments
5. Ruby's Arms - Tommy Körberg and The Outlaws
6. M/S Colinda - Nisse Hellberg and The Refreshments feat. Geraint Watkins
7. Closed Rooms To My Heart - Dan Hylander Albert Lee and Hogans Heroes
8. Let's Kill Saturday Night - Magnus Lindberg and Gary Primich Band
9. Devil In Disguise - Lalla Hansson and Dave Kelly Band
10. I'm So Happy - Monica Törnell and Dr Feelgood
11. God Save The Queen - Jenny Öhlund and Downliners Sect
12. Melanie - The Refreshments
13. At The Dark End Of The Street - Per Persson and Gary Primich Band feat. Geraint Watkins
14. One Ugly Child - Pelle Lindström and Downliners Sect
15. Rock'n'Roll Guitars - Sigge Hill and Dr Feelgood feat. Gene Taylor