Eva Eastwood / Well Well Well.

1.My, My, My
2.Soaking Up Rays
4.Unmake U Mine
5.Got To Go
6.Ego With Servants
7.21st Century Jesus
8.Instead Of Me
9.He's In Love
10.No Headlines
11.A Call
12.I Wanna Party

Few Swedish artists can show a career as varied and unpredictable as Eva Eastwood. She has done credible rockabilly with the same ease as when she reinvented the extinct Swedish 50's style evergreen pop.

In fact, her album "En ny stil i stan" ("A new style in town") from 2004 was so true to the genre that it made people believe that they had found an unreleased Connie Francis styled album from 1959. In the summer of 2005 she performed the song "Vårt liv i repris" in the mega popular sing-a-long tv show "Allsång på Skansen", and instantly the rest of Sweden suddenly discovered what every 50's loving hot-rodder in the country already knew.

By then she had already gained a small but loyal following outside of Sweden. One of Eva's fans is for example the American producer Bob Johnston, who in 1965-66 became immortal by producing Bob Dylan's masterpieces "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Blonde On Blonde".

"Some friends in a band he produced gave him a demo with my songs when I was in the States a couple of years ago. He wrote me a letter and told me he thought my songs were world-class, and that he really wanted to produce an album with me. But it would have been necessary to move to the US to do it, and neither me nor my husband was ready for that at the time" Eva says.

Instead Eva Eastwood surprised all her fans on the Swedish rockabilly scene when she dropped her well-defined retro sound in favour of modern country pop on the album "Ton Of Heart" two years ago.

With this year's album "Well, well, well" (released September 10) she confirms her place among Sweden's strongest writers of music with its roots in country, blues and rock'n'roll. This time she offers a tempting and varied serving of twelve local specialties. These are songs that make you want to stomp the floor. It's songs that makes drivers forget the gearshift. In short, it's songs to fall in love with at the instant you hear them.

You can tell that something's happened during the two years since the last album already when the opening track "My, my, my" kicks off. The guitars are pushed to the front, the groove is more confident and Eva herself sings with the reassurance of a woman who knows that she's found her style.

One of the reasons for this might be that Eva has produced the album herself. "When we started discussing the album I had a lot of opinions about everything. Many of the songs were written in the summer of 2007 and this time I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to capture that simple and instant feeling in my demos. I wanted a heavier sound. And I wanted everything to sound contemporary. So finally everybody thought it would be best if I produced the album myself", Eva says with a smile.

At her side was recording engineer Robert Wellerfors, who became Eva's creative sparring partner during the long and often emotional recording sessions in the Boo studio outside Stockholm in the spring of 2008. "We didn't always agree on things, and none of us are afraid to speak our minds there was a flood of ideas, point-of-views and emotional storms. But I believe that magical things can happen when you are committed like that and really believe in what you do. And I think magical things happened this time."

The album's first single "My, my, my" is a slightly teasing declaration about the need to try out new paths: "they keep tellin' me to stick to a path that's steady/'cause if I leave where in the world would i go/my, my, my/well, well, well".

And if you wonder in what direction Eva is heading, a clue might come in the third song, "Boredom". The sparse backing, the gently rocking groove, the soulful and vibrating blues fills from masterful guitarist Jesper Wihlborg - while Eva sings about boredom in the most engaging way possible. It's definitely Eva with a new twist.

Jesper Wihlborg, by the way, seems to find his way around most things with six strings. The former heavy metal guitarist is one of the original members from Evas's rockabilly group The Major Keys, where he for years unleashed mean riffs from his rockabilly bag of tricks. Here he effortlessly switches between modern country, blues and rock in a way that easily puts him in the same league as the natural musical chameleon Eva Eastwood - which says a whole lot. "I think you can tell that we both have our hearts in the American heartland. And on this record it feels like both me and Jesper really got the chance to expand creatively", Eva says.

The elastic rhythm section of Peter Damin (drums) and Robert Ivansson (bass) is another contributing factor to the record's energetic drive. There's a bump and grind to almost every tune; be it modern country pop, flat out rock'n'roll or steaming swamp blues. And on top of it all Rebecca Meiselbach's chrystal clear backing vocals complements Eva's lead vocals throughout most of the album.

In many ways "Well, well, well" is a "mid-life" album, affirming the lust for breaking old patterns and searching out new paths. "You have to follow your instinct and do what you feel is right instead of following the same old tracks until you're completely burned out", Eva says. "We had done the same thing for seven years, so a change was necessary for me. But it wasn't easy. Right before one of the last gigs with the Major Keys an audience of 400 was waiting for me to enter the stage, while I sat in the tour bus writing down lyrics for a song I just had got the idea for. My band members came in to the bus wonderin' what I was up to. It was '21th Century Jesus' I was writing. But right then I felt more like a Judas. I knew I was on my way in another direction."

Nevertheless "Well, well, well" is not a step in a totally new direction. You will still find everything that has made Eva Eastwood so beloved by her fans: the contagious melodies, that famous "instant feeling" and Eva's committed vocals. All packaged in an updated and timeless production that keeps on pointing ahead. With Eva Eastwood at the wheel you'll never know where the journey ends. Just that it's a great ride - and that everything can happen along the way.