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Eva Eastwood 2013
Rockin Collection - The Early Years




Eva Eastwood 2005
En Ny Stil i Stan

Eva Eastwood 2003
Roots Revival

Eva Eastwood 2001
The Good Life I have
Eva Eastwood 2001
Hot Chicks And Cool Cats
Eva Eastwood 1999
Good Things Can Happen
Hans On The Bass
People Are The Same
Brolle, Nanne Grönvall & The Boppers
The King
Sophia Tako
Make It Though
Hans On The Bass
A Year A Day And Half A Week
Hans On The Bass
Rickfors, Ronander & Hylander
Från Midnatt Till Gryningen
Världens Hörn - Jag Är Född i En Liten By
Hans On The Bass
Now Is The Time
Hans On The Bass
Helsinki – Stockholm
Hans On The Bass
Scandinavian Breakfast
Annie Marie Dolan
Heart To Heart